Final thoughts

As this semester comes to an end and our goals were hopefully met, reflecting upon my effort I think that I did extremely poorly.  My overall average time is now at 40-43 seconds which is not the best however still is improvement.  I think I have set an unrealistic goal thinking that I could solve the cube in 20 seconds. Maybe I should’ve set the goal a bit higher. However that was the past, now as we have a week left I really hope that my time would at least will go down by 1-2 seconds.  Hope everyone was successful with their goals and learned a lot during this unit! This might be my last post if I don’t improve but hopefully not!! Can’t wait for everyone’s presentations.


4 thoughts on “Final thoughts

  1. oh thats cool! at least you can solve it, i cant even get one side haha, anyways i hope you reach somewhat of your goal, good luck 🙂 hope your having fun :p

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