Time goes by…

Hey class! Hope all of you are having a good break so far! The first week of the break I was working hard on the rubiks cube. I’ve realized that solving my littlest one is faster so I’ve been practising on that one. So far my time has gone down by 2-5 seconds which is not much but still is a lot of progress so far. Even if i don’t reach my goal of roughly 20-30 seconds solving it under 45 seconds is something that I wanted to do for awhile and what I’m proud of. As you all know we have about 2-3 weeks to finish are goals so hopefully I could lower my times by 7 seconds by then.  Ill keep you posted on my progress next week! Have a good break and Merry Christmas!


Rubiks Cube

Hey guys jus wanted to let you guys know that my time for the rubiks cube went down by 2 seconds. Not much but still progress! Keep you guys posted throughout the break!

Working hard or hardly working?

For the past 3 days I’ve been working extremely hard to improve my time however it keeps getting worse and worse every time I try to improve. I thought this might be because of the different types and sized of the cubes I solve. (picture of all the different sizes.) To try to help my time I thought using my smaller cube would be easier so I’ve been working with that and my time seems to be the same still but I’ll still stick with that idea. Hopefully by the end of the week (in 4 days) my time will be down by at least 4 seconds usually. This is my family! 

Solving My Cube

This week i focused on solving my cube as often as I could. One of the perks of doing the rubiks cube for my goal is that its fast and portable so I can bring it literally anywhere! My time seems to be the same or a few seconds worse so hopefully by next week it will be going down. Either way even if it is the same it already has been such a big difference however hopefully my time will decrease for now.