How to achieve my goal

To try to achieve my goal I’ll have to learn through the internet. I learned the most basic way through the internet however now I will have to learn more advances ways. No one I know or no one in my family can solve the Rubiks cube so the internet is my only option. Since I have a time of 58-70 seconds to improve to around 20-30 seconds I will have to memorize more than 30 new algorithms (algorithm is a process to follow for solving operations.) To accomplish my goal I will prepare physically and mentally. Physically by moving my fingers faster to turn the cube and mentally to memorize all the algorithms perfectly. Then I will start practising regularly everyday (anywhere I go I could practise) then finally timing myself every time I solve it and improving little by little


4 thoughts on “How to achieve my goal

  1. This is so hard to do, good luck! If you can already do it that fast, maybe you will me able to beat your goal as well. 🙂

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