Working to achieve my goal

There are about 78 more algorithms I would have to memorize to be successful with solving the cube in less than 20 seconds. Since I already know the beginners method it makes memorizing these 78 algorithms easier, however I think it would be impossible to memorize 78 so right now my goal is to memorize at least 35 of the most important ones. During the past two weeks I haven’t been touching my cube very much but been trying to memorize the algorithms. So far I have memorized about 11 new algorithms. By next week hopefully I could memorize the 35 and start solving the cube. I have timed myself a few days ago and from 58 seconds I can solve it in 54 so already I see improvement!


How to achieve my goal

To try to achieve my goal I’ll have to learn through the internet. I learned the most basic way through the internet however now I will have to learn more advances ways. No one I know or no one in my family can solve the Rubiks cube so the internet is my only option. Since I have a time of 58-70 seconds to improve to around 20-30 seconds I will have to memorize more than 30 new algorithms (algorithm is a process to follow for solving operations.) To accomplish my goal I will prepare physically and mentally. Physically by moving my fingers faster to turn the cube and mentally to memorize all the algorithms perfectly. Then I will start practising regularly everyday (anywhere I go I could practise) then finally timing myself every time I solve it and improving little by little

10 facts about me!

1.  I have 2 older sisters

2. I’m half greek and half korean

3. I have done grade 1 twice

4. I love playing sports

5. My birthday is on June 8

6. I’m vegetarian however I eat chicken….

7. I’m in love with a character in Narnia (Skandar Keynes)

8. My favourite books are The Percy Jackson series and The Hunger Games

9. When I was little I pushed a tv on my sisters face

10.  I love singing but am not good at it

Rubiks cube

Hey guys so I learned how to solve the rubiks cube 3 years ago and I’ve always wanted to further develop my knowledge on it but have never gotten the chance, so for my skill I will be learning to finish the cube in 20 seconds. Right now I can only finish the cube in around 58 seconds soI’m really hoping to improve over the weeks.